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City Activates Automated Parking System at Three City Garages
Automation designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs
Posted Date: 3/21/2017

The City of Evansville has procured an automated parking system for the city’s three parking garages. Automation is an efficient method of monitoring parking and reduces costs to the taxpayers. Visitors can expect a positive experience with visible signage, user-friendly equipment and fast entry and exit.

The city garages are managed by the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Building Authority. Building Authority General Manager, David Rector, says, “the system is very similar to those used in garages and parking lots across the country.” He says, “The new system will be operational March 20, 2017.”

Parking Automation Entry Terminal                          Automated Parking Exit Terminal

Kiosks called Pay on Foot stations are in each garage to make exiting faster. When returning to the parking garage, follow the signs to a Pay on Foot station, scan your ticket and use your credit card to pay the appropriate hourly fee. Scan the paid ticket at the exit terminal and the gate will raise. Live help is available via intercom at the entry and exit terminals and at the pay on foot stations.

Event rates will apply during special events at various downtown venues. A parking attendant will be at the garage entry to scan your credit card to pay the event rate. You will receive a prepaid ticket to scan at the exit terminal and the gate will raise.

Monthly parking passes are available. Many local shops and vendors will have the ability to validate parking. Daily and monthly garage rates will remain the same.