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County Council


The Vanderburgh County Council is the fiscal body of County government and serves as a check on the Board of County Commissioners. 

The council has the ultimate decision-making power regarding fiscal affairs. The council has authority to view or review fiscal matters, determine proper policy, and set priorities for the allocation and expenditure of county funds. 

County Council is comprised of seven members. The County is divided into four Council districts from which one Council member is elected from each district and three Council members are elected from the County at-large.

Some of the County Council functions include:

  • Fiscal control over all county offices, boards, departments and commissions. All payments from the general or any special fund to be used by the Board of County Commissioners for any purpose other than the mere allocation of funds of the state or federal government must be appropriated by the County Council before expenditure can be made.

  • Charged with the responsibility of appropriating, transferring and repealing funds for use by the County and all of its offices, boards, departments and commissions.

  • Adopts the annual budget for all County offices, boards, departments and commissions.

  • Responsible for approving all job descriptions, salaries and setting the number of employees for all offices, boards, departments and commissions that are funded by the County.

  • Exclusive power of fixing the rate of taxation and imposing the tax levy.

  • Considers and votes on all tax phase-in applications for the county.

  • Makes appointments to boards, commissions and other agencies as provided by either ordinance and/or law.